Today, we talk with Bill Hallan, CEO and president of the Michigan Retailers Association. We get into this year's spending trends and forecasts, whether or not that predicted 'revenge' spending happened, and what is having the most impact on local retailers right now.

On today's episode we talk with Dr. Josh Suderman from the Javery Pain institute, about how to manage chronic pain with journaling. Over the course of the last year especially, many of us have experienced physical issues as a result of different work environments, stress, depression and other factors. Pain Journaling helps to focus your attention on day-to-day experiences, as well as giving you info that is easily shared with your doctor.
Visit Javery Pain Institute’s website,, to get more details on ‘pain journaling.’

In this episode, Eric Hultgren chats with Liz Stutsman from Muskegon Surgical Associates about Cool Sculpting and how right now is the perfect time to check it out.

In this episode, Eric Hultgren talks with Justin Livingston of Unity Rd about franchising in the cannabis space, the amount of education Unity Rd puts into the ecosystem, and the quest to be the McDonald's of Cannabis.

In this episode, Eric Hultgren sits down with Justin Livingston, VP of Franchise Development to talk about how to open a dispensary and some of the myths about the franchise space.

In this episode Charlene Rainy of Booked and Balanced, stops by to talk about finances and taxes for those in the cannabis industry and specifically rule 280E.

In this episode, Eric Hultgren sits down with Shaun Mansour managing partner and founder of Shaun A. Mansour PLLC to talk about the opportunities in the cannabis industry as well as some of the pitfalls you might encounter when you start. 

In this episode Eric talks to owners Ken and Wilda Hopper of Bird's Eye Outfitters in Sault Ste Marie about the past year and what this summer will look like for Michigan travel

On today's episode Eric talks with Charlene Raikany, CPA, the CEO of Booked and Balanced. We discuss SaaS grants and the best way to launch your Software As A Service company.

In this episode, Eric Hultgren talks with Tim Gruber and Jamie Dionne about what MLive is doing to help Move Michigan Forward.

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