Andy Olson and Myron Stanley get into a deep conversation about the process of making creative things for clients. Their inspirations, the pain points, and how they understand what they are supposed to make and for whom they are making it. 

September 26, 2019

EP 210: The Creative Process

Corina and Andy join the show to talk about the process of designing ads and how you stay creative day in and day out.

Anne Drummond joins Eric Hultgren to talk about the art of the sale and if 77% of customers expect businesses to offer products that cater to their personal tastes are you better off building an experience rather than a deal? 

At MLive Media Group, our creative team is often called upon to generate ideas for our clients. We thought it might be nice to share with our readers how our own team generated differing content, all with the same subject matter. This exercise can be used for your own business, product, or philosophy. It can be used by a team of one or a team of many members—and applied to nearly every subject. Anne Drummond, Andy Olson, and Sheri Nicholson sit down to talk about the process of making content against the clock. 

Your customer has questions and you can be the answer if you know the questions before your customer does. Becca Aldrich and Eric Hultgren talk about how to use search in order to discover what your customer needs you to answer with content.

Eric Hultgren and Anne Drummond talk video and how you must make this part of your campaign and when you do the best way to execute on multiple channels, along with some tips on how to make them native to the different social platforms. 

Eric Hultgren is joined by Nick Behling, Anne Drummond, and Nate Reens to talk about when you should create a commercial and when you make a story and how those two can work together to help reach your customer. 

March 11, 2019

EP 204: Give vs Ask

Eric Hultgren and Nick Behling talk about what do you serve your customers in the digital ecosystem and when is it alright to ask them for something. 

Anne Drummond and Anne Cook talk about how digital methods for ad delivery are dramatically more effective every day, as digital (and in particular, mobile) makeup nearly 50% of consumer’s time spent with media. While TV still comprises a large statistical margin, it is important to note that the way viewers consume television is far different than before.

In this micro-podcast, Eric Hultgren talks about some of the big findings in the Facebook 2019 Trends Report and what that might mean for your thinking in the year ahead. 

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